June 27-29th

Vendor fee: $350.00

Booth space: approx. 10'x10'

One table and 2 chairs will be provided.

Vendor setup will be Thursday June 27th (time TBD)

*During business day meetings

Vendors will be in a separate room from the business meetings during the setup process but will be able to watch and listen to the sessions on large projector screens. Vendors will be welcome to sit in on the business day sessions after their booth is completely setup.

Vendors will be allowed to bring one assistant for the setup and working the booth. This assistant must be identified at the time of registration. If the name of the assistant changes after registration, please let Susie Brown know ASAP,

**We are trying to be very careful not to allow conference goers to assist the vendors with setting up. This can become chaotic and be unfair if attendees are just there to sneak a peak at the inventory.

No conference goers will be allowed in the vendor area when the conference is not in session. Only vendors and their assistants will be allowed in and they must have a vendor badge on.

The vendors will be in the same room as the conference. The conference is on one side and the vendors are on the other with no walls separating the spaces. The vendors will have large screen monitors to easily watch and listen to everything during the conference.

Vendor tear down will be Saturday June 29th after the last session at approximately 6:00pm. All inventory and display materials must be completely removed from the convention hall that evening.

All vendors and one assistant will be provided with lunch Friday and Saturday.

If you are staying at the Double Tree (next door to the Convention Center) they will be providing a breakfast buffet for their guests each morning of the convention.

No dinner will be provided.

For a vendor application or to ask any questions please contact Susie Brown at:

Conference area (LEFT)/Vendor area (RIGHT)

Vendor Application 2019 writeable (1).pdf